Introducing The TORRNADO™

TORRNADO™ is a revolutionary Nitrogen infusion system designed for cold brew coffee, teas & cocktails.

Simply pour your RTD beverage into the infusion cup and place it onto the hinged TORRNADO™ cup support.

Push the start button and Nitrogen is injected and infused for a perfect Nitro Beverage.

The finished drink is ready to pour and serve within 30 seconds.

TORRNado Nitro Coffee & Tea Infuser
keg dispensing systems

Replaces messy, oversized and difficult to clean Nitro dispenser machines.

Multiple drinks can be made in succession via the same proprietary cup using a simple toggle dispense valve.

The TORRNADO™ is a small footprint tabletop unit designed for behind bar use measuring 6.5" wide, 16" deep and 19" high. Weighing in at 22 lbs. it's great for portability in the home, restaurant, bar and at parties.

TORRNADO Spec Brochure pdf