Cold Brew Coffee System

Innovative Leader in Cold Brewing for Coffee & Teas

TORR's new cold brewer uses an extraction process that utilizes a hexagonal, micro-batch brew-cell concept to optimize taste quality, extraction yields and brew time without taking up as much space as other cold coffee brewing systems. The "HIVE cells" are designed to fit tightly together and can be combined to fit production needs. Whether you are an independent coffee shop or a commercial cold brew coffee company, HIVE BREW™ is the best cold brew system on the market because it is high-yield, affordable and scalable. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your cold brew coffee operation.

high volume commercial cold brew coffee maker
large batch cold brew coffee machine

*4 In-line configuration shown. One controller can operate up to 8 HIVE BREW™ Systems, seamlessly increasing production up to 56 Brew-cells.

The HIVE BREW™ 700 Cold Brewer
can be expanded with up to 7 additional 7 cell units increasing the brew cell count to 56, all controlled by a single PLC unit.

We've upgraded our proven Twin & Quad Brew systems by replacing the 50-pound trays with our new, multiple "HIVE cell" technology. These modifications have allowed us to develop the best cold brew system available.

Up to 8 hives containing 7 cells are mounted on individual support frames and linked together with operator control from one control panel.

For large batch production requirements, 56 cells (8 Hive Brew 700 modules) produce 5,000 gallons (+/- 20%) of RTD with two people per 8-hour shift. Pre-wet and cleanup of the equipment requires extra labor.

HiveBrew Spec Brochure pdf

The HIVE BREW™ System is an Innovative Cold Brew Machine

The unique feature of the hive cell is that the quality and extraction performance of one brew cell can be replicated consistently. Simply adding additional cells provides identical quality and extraction as you increase your production output.

Pre-wetting the coffee grounds with a precise amount of water and setting the rate of cold water flow through the dispersion plate to the coffee bed is critical to optimizing brew output. Our in-house coffee experts can advise the optimum extraction parameters for your cold brewing.

HIVE BREW™ systems are available with up to 56 cells. Higher outputs (past 56 cells) are available and custom built to suit your production needs.

Current HIVE BREW™ systems produce 100 to 5,000 gallons of RTD per 8-hour shift (+/– 20%).

Hive Brew Coffee Brewing Expandable Cell
TORR HiveBrew Cold Brew Coffee Video

Nature Works

The hexagonal shape of the cell is reminiscent of what you find in a honeycomb. A system of multiple, identical and centrally controlled cells increases the speed and overall quality of production, much like what you see inside a beehive.

The HIVE BREW™ Feature set

What to Expect from Your Cold Brewing Coffee System

  • TORR's brewer provides up to 40% higher yields than typical immersion brewers with extractions of 20%-23% of available solubles – as much as 30% more compared to other immersion systems that typically yield 13% to 15% extractions.
  • With the HIVE BREW™ cold brewer, large batches are faster and easier. Our cold brew systems average a 25–40-minute brew time per cell. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes to clean and prep each cell for the next brew cycle.
  • Reusable and food grade stainless steel filters in the brew chamber eliminate disposable filter costs as well as post-brew filtering.
  • 7 to 56 cell units are automated systems once cells are loaded.
  • The single cell H100 is a manual system and uses gravity water flow. No power, no pumps, no hoses–perfect for small roasters, developing cold brewers and on-premise coffee shop brewing.
  • Coming Soon. Fully automatic customized system including auto pre wetting, cell loading, and unloading on 56 cell units.
  • TORR offers free testing of your coffee beans to prove extraction and coffee taste.
40%Higher Yields
25-40mBrew Times
manual cold brew machine

The HIVE BREW™ 100 Manual System

This single cell cold coffee brewer produces 8 to 10 gallons of RTD at 2.0 Brix per brew from 6 pounds of coffee. Brew time is 25 to 30 minutes plus 5 minutes to change over, empty and recharge the cell.

The typical performance of the brew process for an 8-hour shift with one cell, assuming one hour prep time and one hour clean up and 6 hours production, yields 10 brews. The 10 brews typically provide 100 gallons of RTD classic cold brew at 2.0 brix with one person per 8-hour shift (+/- 20%).

TORRNADO Nitrogen infusion Cold Brew Coffees and Teas

Introducing The TORRNADO™

TORRNADO™ is a revolutionary Nitrogen infusion system designed for cold brew coffee, teas & cocktails.

Simply pour a RTD beverage such as a cup of cold brewed coffee or cocktail into the infusion cup and place it onto the hinged TORRNADO™ cup support.

Push the start button and Nitrogen is injected and infused for a perfect Nitro Beverage.

The finished drink is ready to pour and serve within 30 seconds.

TORRNADO Tea and Cold Brew Nitrogen Infusion
nitro cold brew coffee maker

Replaces messy, oversized and difficult to clean Nitro dispenser machines.

Multiple drinks can be made in succession via the same proprietary cup using a simple toggle dispense valve.

The TORRNADO™ is a small footprint tabletop unit designed for behind bar use measuring 6.5" wide, 16" deep and 19" high. Weighing in at 22 lbs. it's great for portability in the home, restaurant, bar and at parties.

TORRNADO Spec Brochure pdf